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Neelkanth electric overhead travelling cranes are designed & manufactured in accordance with IS-3177 to adequate the factor of safety with respect to suitable duty classification. The structural parts of the crane are designed in accordance with IS-807. The Bridge girder is manufactured in the form of box type structure from tested plates confirming to IS-226. Special care is taken for bending & torsional loadings with adequate factors of safety. Product range includes Single girder crane, Double girder crane, Jib crane, Goliath/Gantry crane & HOT crane to suit customer’s specific requirements to handle the material most efficiently.

Capacity: 500 kgs to 60,000 kgs.

Industrial Applications:

• Steel Plants  • Nuclear Plants
• Foundries  • Power Plants
• Cement plants  • Chemical Industries
• Heavy Machinery Industry  • Petrochemical Industry
• General Industries  • Plastic Industries


Neelkanth make Crab is built of large series sub-assemblies using modular system components manufactured to the most demanding quality requirements. The variable combination of these components makes it possible to implement the most efficient technical configuration for your application by motor, brake, gear box, drum, rotary geared limit switch and cross travel assemblies.

Neelkanth make Crab is robust, compact arrangement, with simple interchangeability, optimum performance and having clear interfaces for ease of assembly, inspection and maintenance.


Neelkanth make Auxiliary Crab is a special designed Crab. Depending on the purpose of crane is intended to serve, the trolley con be fitted with two hoist of different Capacities. One of them is referred as main hoist & other as the auxiliary hoist of lower capacity to get the advantage of power saving. Its getting variable combination which a simple Crab can contain.

Other Range Of Products :

Electro Magnetic Disc Brake

G I Insulated Shrouded
Type Current Collection System

Helical Gear Box For Crane
And Other Applications

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