Cage Hoist Arrangement / Flame Proof Cage Hoist (Goods Lift)

Cage hoist type of goods lift is the most popular design of Neelkanth. We specialize in goods lifts suitable for hazardous area gas groups I, IIA, IIB, & IIC along with all the electrical duty certified by CMRS Dhanbad. Our hoists are reliable, affordable and designed for modular construction. Cage hoists or lifts are most suitable for a self-supporting steel structure as well as wall type canopy.
read moreThe lift is a four-rope construction and each rope has four-fall construction. This arrangement is made especially for efficient heavy loading and continuous operation. With a rated capacity of minimum of 6 F.S. of every single rope, even if 3 wire ropes out of 4 break, the cage does not fall. The cage is customised to suit the customer’s requirements and is made of rolled steel sections with sides read more that are covered with bumped sheets and front that is made of collapsible doors. The cage top is covered with M. S. Sheets and the bottom is covered with a antiskid plate. The Neelkanth cage has a unique arrangement of four rollers on ‘T’ guide rail along with antifriction bearings for low friction travelling and longer life. With operation by push button station fixed outside the cage on respective floors, the lift can be called for or sent from any floor to any other floor level. The floor doors are provided with mechanical and electrical locking arrangements, so that the cage movement automatically stops in case of an open door. An additional gravity limit switch is also provided for extra safety. In case of failure of over hoisting limit switch due to over travelling of the cage, power is cut off by gravity limit switch.

USPs of Cage Hoist Arrangement / Flame Proof Cage Hoist

Lift with self - support & canopy

Modular construction & Hazardous Area Certification are unique selling points of Neelkanth's Cage Hoist goods lift. The four-rope, four-fall construction ensures efficiency and safety with a customised
read more cage design. The lift is suitable for self-supporting steel structures and wall type canopy, and comes with push-button operation and advanced safety features.


Neelkanth's cage hoist goods lift is customizable to meet the specific requirements of customers. With a reliable and affordable modular design, our lift is suitable for self-supporting steel
read more structures or wall type canopies. Featuring a four-rope construction and advanced safety features, our lift ensures efficient heavy loading and continuous operation.

Rope minimum capacity of 6 F.S

Neelkanth's cage hoist goods lift has a unique selling point with a minimum rope capacity of 6 F.S, ensuring safety even if three out of four wire ropes break. This makes it a reliable and secure option for heavy loading and continuous operation.

Use Cases

Shipyards, Engineering Industries, Ports, Storages places, Granite,
Steel Yards, Open Yard, Loading Docks, Container Depots etc.

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